Friday, December 10, 2010

Snow storm on my way back home, 205km to Toronto HW 402 E Ontario Dec 5 2010

It was awesome..!!
Area of London, Ontario forms wide snow belt in this season and I was just passing amid the seasonal festivity.. amazing.. :p.

It reminded me of the scenes of Doctor Zhivago.

He was trying hard to look outside
by opening a tiny wooden window of the freight car
of the train for the refugees to Siberia.
Outside was all covered by snow and
was glowing serenely under the moon light.
He was being  more & more admired and fascinated
by the beautiful landscape of holiness & gaveness
while the other refugees was shouting at him
to close the window immediately.. because it was too cold..

still 205 km left for Toronto.. oh my.. :p

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