Saturday, June 19, 2010

Alfredo, Munuel and Evaristo, 'Latinada' Bloor W. Toronto Jun 17 2010

Alfredo started playing his guitar..
i was really happy to get to know each other
with the great Chilean musician.. Alfredo.. a good man.

Evarito was busy enough in signing for his new album..
.. Siempre que llueve..
another party just joined us for celebrating Evaristo's new album.
the gentleman was a music producer living in Danforth area
and he was a good drummer as well as I found at that night..
Alfredo and Manuel.. amigos neuvos

Evarito got his Cuban citizenship honorably
after he won musical award in Cuba.
He has been living in Toronto as Cuban-Canadian
since 1997 after Milan.

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