Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hawking's Time and more Guinness with Jim..:-) , Irish Pub 'Dora Keogh' Danforth St. Toronto Apr 7 2010

What is time?
Is it an ever-rolling stream that bears all our dreams away, as the old hymn says?
Or is it a railroad track? Maybe it has loops and branched, so you can keep going forward and yet return to an earlier station on the line..

'Einstein's general relativity gives time a shape.
How this can be reconciled with quantum theory.'

.. 'The shape of Time' Chap 2. A Brief History of Time.. Stephen Hawking

Alan Parsons Project.. Time

it was an excellent dish of huge size of wings & legs of giant roosters.. :p

thanks a lot Kevin!
for your wonderful demonstration
on tapping the Guinness for authentic taste!
yes, it was no. 1 Guinness in Toronto!! :-)

i asked Jim to come over for the real Guinness
and he just joined me in about 35 minutes. :-)
as a man from Scottland,
he never drink other than Scotch, though.
he was preparing some video on youtube for me..

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